I like Pico 8.   

Games And other Stuff.

Failed Monsters, Try to escape the dungeon, fight with many different enemies, choose from a wild variaty of bullets.

Welcome to this bizzare Game.

i've been making this Game for quite a while now.


Li'l RED, On the Quest for the sacred Sandwitch ,

a Metrovania in a uniqe World with many abilitys to collect.

Particles are FUN, so is this.

Play around with it and see for yourself what is possible.

You find yourself in a lab, a testzone.

This queer place will teach you all abou Madelines secret abilities

whaaaat is Queer???!!


You acctually really really love collecting dots,

so thats what you do. Play with a buddy, alone or watch the computer do the magic.

The terrain has changed, flora has grown, A NEW Mountain has been born,

Are you ready to overcome this Challenge? People have been trying forever now, and yet no one has ever made it...

3D is cool, moving plasma too

So just sit and watch, or make your own artpiece using the arrow keys

Have you ever seen 4D befor?

well here it is in action.

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Well that must be the best website ever...

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Hello :)



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